Heurastic rulesets per domain

Since Pinjo 2.1 its possible to specify a separate ruleset per domain. This ruleset defines the configuration of the heurastic filtering. Normally its not necessary to use this option but if you want specific rules for another domain.
Examples are: Define a lower score when mail from a certain domain is detected or a higher score for specific words.

To define a seperate ruleset for a certain domain, copy the directories ./rules and ./config in the Pinjo directory, to the a subfolder in the ./config folder named after the concerning domain.

The domain ‘pinjo.nl’ needs a seperate ruleset since mail for this domain needs a lower score for some words.

The following steps should be taken:

Create directories
Create the directory ‘pinjo.nl’ in the ‘./config’ directory. In this directory create a subdirectory ‘config’.

Copy files
Copy the directory ‘./rules’ to the directory ‘./config/pinjo.nl/’, and copy the files in the directory ‘./config’ to the directory ‘./config/pinjo.nl/config/’

Modify the configuration
Modify the appropiate files in the ./config/pinjo.nl’ directory.

Once the directories are created, the rulesets are immediately active. No further configuration is necessary. Optional the directories can be created on another location. Check the value of the Multidomainprefix in the settings file.