Statistics window

The statistics window contains the information about the querying of the blacklist servers. This window consists of two panes. The upper pane (General Statistics) gives you information about Pinjo in general and the bottom pane (Blacklist Statistics) provides information about every blacklist server you have inserted.




General Statistics

This panel contains two coulums of counters of performed actions. The right column contains all-time information. The left one can be reset on demand and will be reset on restart.

Pinjo started on: the time and date Pinjo was started.

Last time cleared counters: Last time of clearing the counters. (Pushed the Reset Counters button)

Total connection served: The total number of connections that Pinjo has served.

Blocked for relaying: The number of mailmessages blocked because of relaying issues.

Blacklisted positives: The number of mailmessages blocked because of being listed on a blacklist server.

Viruses found: The total number of mailmessages containing a virus.

Heurastic positives: The total number of mailmessages marked as spam due to the heurastic filtering.

Total mailmessages found positive: The total number of mailmessages refused (or detected as spam).

Total mailmessages passed through: The total number of mailmessages passed through to the client. This may also be positive marked spam.

Heurastic messages dropped: The total number of mailmessages dropped due to exceeding the maximun score.

Blacklist Statistics

The lower pane has a table with the properties Hostname, TotalChecks, Timeouts and Listed. The same hosts as entered in the blacklistserver screen are visible here. The number of totalchecks represents the number of queries to that specific host, as the Listed column represents the number of positive queries (as possibly spam). If the number of timeouts is high you might consider increasing the ‘DNSTimeout’ value in the settingsfile.

Save Statistics

If checked the counters in the right column will be saved on restart.

The button Update updates the counters with the new values. This button is only necessary in case you leave this window open. Changing tabs or maximising Pinjo updates the counters automatically.
The button Reset counters sets all the available counters on the statistics window to their initial value, The ‘Last time cleared counters’ value will be set to the current time. Note that only the left column will be set to 0.