Whitelist window

The whitelist windows contains all settings to pass through mailmessages without being checked. Servers or senders defined will be passed through overruling the other checks. The ‘Allowed hosts’ and ‘Allowed from addresses’ listboxes operate independantly from eachother.




Allowed hosts

In the ‘Allowed hosts’ listbox the IP-numbers of hosts that are explicitly permitted even if they are blacklisted.

Allowed from addresses

In the ‘Allowed from addresses’ listbox the (parts of) emailadresses can be specified that can be passed through without checking.
If ‘@pinjo.nl’ is specfied, all mail from the domain pinjo.nl will be passed through.
In case of ‘pinjo.nl’ all mail from the domain pinjo.nl and its subdomains will be passed through.
Also complete emailaddresses can be specified.

Copy to autolearn folder if whitelisted

If checked, whitelisted messages will be copied to the autolearn folder of Pinjo. These messages will be automatically learned to the system when the Autolearn button on the Filtering tab is clicked or automatically when the Autolearn at midnight checkbox is checked.