Blacklist window

Everything about blacklisting hosts can be defined in this window. Also the options on what to do with blacklisted mailservers can be defined here. Changes to the blacklists will be active immediately. To save the changes the Save button should be pressed.




Blacklist servers

In the blacklist servers listbox the hosts can be entered on which blacklist checking has to be done. Checking on all hosts here is done simultaneously, so it doesn't make a difference in what order they are in the list.
IP-numbers are checked in reversed notation since most blacklist work this way. So if a host with IP number is checked on server a query is done as

Manually blacklisted servers

If you get loads of spam of a certain server, this server can be manually blacklisted here in case the Blacklist servers haven’t listed this server (yet).

What to do on blacklist

The 'What to do on blacklist' panel gives you the options to pass through or reject mail. On passing through blacklisted mail also the possibility for an alternate mailbox will be given

Copy to autolearn folder if blacklisted

If checked, spammessages will be copied to the autolearn folder of Pinjo. These messages will be automatically learned to the system when the Autolearn button on the Filtering tab is clicked or automatically when the Autolearn at midnight checkbox is checked.
Note that this option is not available when the option Reject spam is chosen.

Pass through spam and modify subject

If you select the Pass through spam and modify subject option, all mailmessages will be forwarded with possible Subject modification. The original subject is referred to as #SUBJECT#. So a spammessage with the subject 'Mortgage rates' and the setting 'Pinjo says: #SUBJECT# is spam' will be modified to 'Pinjo says: "Mortgage rates" is spam' (default message)
Its also possible to choose for no subject modification. Spammail can still be detected since a header variable is added with the name X-Spam-Status. In case of spam the value of this variable will be 'Positive', in case of non-spam the value will be 'Negative'.

Forward to mailbox

If you select the Forward to mailbox option all detected spam messages will be forwarded to another mailbox.The original user is referred to as #USER# and the original domain is referred to as #DOMAIN#.
In case of the emailadres ‘’ the variable #USER# will be ‘test’ and the variable #DOMAIN# will be ‘’
In case of the filled in example, spammail will be forwarded to ‘’.

Reject spam

If you select the Reject spam all detected spam messages will be denied. This will be done right away at the start. Pinjo will return the message '521 Pinjo revealer says: Your host ('[ip number]') is blacklisted on [blacklist]'. After the message is sent to the sending server Pinjo will disconnect. Traffic is reduced to a minimum this way.