How do I configure my DNS in case of 2 servers?

How do I configure my DNS in case of installation on 2 servers?

If you are running 2 seperate machines (1 machine running Pinjo and another machine running your original mailserver) there are different ways to configure your DNS and outgoing mail. If you have only 1 machine but multiple IP-numbers configured, the same configuration can be applied

If we are assuming that your original mail is running on IP-number and your Pinjo mailserver is running on IP-number, you need to configure the following items:

A-records on your DNS

In your DNS configure a host record for both servers. In this way your define a name for your servers
Eg. for and for Your A records should look like this    A    A 

MX-records on your DNS

Configure your DNS with MX-records. MX-records contain the data for mailservers where to deliver the mail for certain domains. is the emaildomain in this case. Mailservers will try to deliver mail for * in first instance to the server and if that server is not responding, they will try delivering thee mail to since the priority (5) of is considered higher as the priority (10) of   MX   5   MX  10 

In case spammers try sending to directly, remove that MX record from the DNS.

SMTP outgoing server on clients

All your clients should be configured to use as there outgoing SMTP server.