Revealer 2.2 available!

A new version of Revealer 2.2 is now available. Revealer 2.2 has changes and improvements to help you to get rid of even more spam than before! Revealer 2.2 will be free for all registered users..
This version has better heuristic scanning, more support for more virusscanners, improved memory handling and other improvements.

Revealer 2.2 is available as an installer. Download Revealer 2.2

Revealer 2.2 build 339 is available as of Februari 3 2008.

Changes in this version are:

blacklist in heuristic filtering
Blacklists are included in the heuristic filtering. Only when using ‘reject blacklisted mail’ the userdefined blacklists are used.

add score to subject
By using the tag #SCORE# the subject of the message will contain the score

heuristic checking updated
Build 339 contains the latest version (3.2.4) of the SpamAssassin™ technology

hostname for mailservers
Possibility added to use the mail server hostnames instead of just their ip addresses giving you more flexibility using servers

Also a lot of unmentioned small changes made Revealer better again.