Pinjo doesn’t make outbound connections

Pinjo doesn’t make outbound connections, what is the matter?

If Pinjo cannot make any connections to your client mailserver there are several possibilities.

  • If you have a virusscanner running, check if it does not prohibit Pinjo to make outbound SMTP connections. A virusscanner could block this to prevent worms etc. from distributing themselves. A solution for this might be to exclude the process from the virusscanner. Check the help of your virusscan program for a solution.
  • Your mailserver might not be running on the IP number and port you have specified. Check this by doing a ‘telnet <host> <port>’ from the command prompt to check if the mailserver prompt appears.
  • You may have specified an invalid mailserver in the distribution list on your Distributing tab. Correct or remove the entry and try it again.