Version history

Version history

The version history contains the changes and improvements in each produced version of Pinjo revealer.

– Fixed empty mail from bug
– Improved checking for updates
– Fixed correct mail hostname bug
– Hanging threads in GUI fixed

– heurastic statistics clearification
– heurastic mailbox forwarding
– stop listening button
– domain based filters
– floating point checkvalues
– autolearning bug
– autolearning black/white listed messages
– 220 welcome to message
– whitelist from addresses
– blacklist own hosts
– changed 'Received' headerto FQDN
– Updated hcheck.exe 3.02
– temporary files in ./temp
– from address validity check (invalid address syntax check improved)

– Introduction of heurastic scanning based on SpamAssassin 3.0
– Introduction of external viruschecking capabilities
– Forwarding of spam to alternate mailbox
– Possibility to stop listening
– Many internal changes and improvements

– Introduction of mail distributing
– Changed handling of incoming mail to temporary files
– Fixed out of memory bug in rare occasions
– Fixed bug in content-type header variable (double charset)
– Fixed bug in mail truncating of certain attachments
– Adjusted blacklist servers in initial settingsfile
– Introduction of statistics page.
– Changing of blacklist found notifications.
– Configurable DNS timeout value.
– Fixed exception when closing Pinjo with active connections.
– Added as blacklist server.
– Rebuilded the encoding scheme (socket error #0)
– Fixed logfile rotation bug
– Change of logfile notation
– Introduction of the 'X-Spam-Status' header-variable
– Removal of dorkslayers and osirusoft RBL's
– Limitation of simultaneous connections
– Adjustable connection timeout setting
– Introduction of the 'X-Spam-Status' header-variable
– Introduction of thread history window
– Solved hanging thread bug
– Removal of the "Oh oh, i am doing..' messages 🙂
– Improvement of DNS-thread cleanups
– Added 'Active connections' button
– Fixed 'dissapearing buttons when using large fonts' bug
– Drop connections immediately on fault
– Added 'Received' lines
– Fixed Test Client button
– Removal of + and – buttons in RBL lists
– Fixed 'Save' button
– Introduced multithreading DNS lookup
– Improved thread handling
– Minor problems
– Minor problems.
– Solved logging bug.
– Log files are now situated in .\log directory instead of main directory.
– Removed adjustable logfile name.
– Adjustable number of days for saving log files in GUI.
– Introduction of local IP number checks.
– Introduction automatic logfile rotatation.
– Minor improvements.
– Solved realtime port changing bug.
– Solved bug in local domain check.
– Improved thread management.
– Solved 'hanging threads' in Threads window.
– Introduction of ability to run as service.
– Initial commercial version.