Heurastic scanning

Pinjo 2 now supports heurastic scanning of email.
Therefor it is using the engine of Award-Winning SpamAssassin™ to check the emails.

A wide range of tests is performed on any email passing Pinjo. The results retrieved will deliver a score to the particular email message. The administrator can decide at what score the messages are considered as spam, or may even decide that messages at a certain score may be dropped.

Some of the tests performed are:

  • Content keywords (such as Viagra, drugs etc)
  • Bayesian filtering
  • Valid date format
  • Valid address formats
  • Valid subject formats
  • Forged headers
  • Too much caps character
  • Too much HTML and/or images
  • Font color same as background color

Lots more tests are performed. For a complete range of tests performed go to Spamassassin Tests performed page