Virus check window

The virus check window contains all information about the viruschecking parameters.
Pinjo revealer doesn’t have an own virusscanner implemented. Instead it can use your own virusscanner to scan your incoming mail messages for viruses. Most virus checker are able to produce an error code as output. Pinjo responds to that and refuses the message.


Enable viruschecking

Enabling viruschecking makes it possible for you to protect your mailserver from viruses with a normal virusscanner.
The virusprogram inputbox contains the virusprogram and its parameters. The “%s” parameter is necessary because Pinjo will substitute it with the current temporary file. If the path to the virusprogram contains any spaces, quotes should be used.
The resulting errorcode box contains the errorcode or errorlevel the virusprogram reports when a virus is detected. By using the the VirusCheckTest button you can test if your settings are correct. You can use the eicar test virus in a file to see if your setup is correct. The resultpane gives the received errorcode and if your setting are correct it should say ‘Virus found!’ and the received errorlevel. In this way its possible to adjust your settings.