Debug window

The debug window contains options for debugging and checking settings. Also the logging options can be modified here.





The logging panel has several checkboxes to define the level of logging.
The Accepted/Rejected mail option shows you all default messages as Connect and Disconnect, the relaying messages and the results of the blacklists querying.
The SMTP Server Messages option shows all SMTP communication between the sending mailserver and Pinjo. This logging can be very verbose.
The SMTP Client Messages option shows all SMTP communication between Pinjo and your mailserver. This logging can also be very verbose.
The Log to screen option logs all output to the statusscreen. In case of debugging it can be useful to disable this option, since all logging will be saved to a logfile
The Log file rotation option will close the logfile (Pinjo.log in the subdirectory 'log') at midnight every day. The file is renamed to the format 'Pinjo.[yymmdd].log'. Thus a log file from September 6, 2003 will be saved under the name 'Pinjo.030906.log'.
The Save log for input field is the number of days log files should be kept on the system before deletion.

Black list

The black list panel provides you an inputbox to test the working of your blacklist. As an input the IP number of the host to test should be given here. The result will be shown in the same panel. Note that only the first reacting blacklistserver will be listed here.

Test client

Here you can test the functioning of your relaying options by entering different kind of emailadsresses. Only the domainrelaying can be tested here, not the Ip relaying. Any valid message should be send to your mailbox. Errormessages are returned to the screen as a popup box.