Status window

The screen that will popup first when starting Pinjo is the Status window (or when running Pinjo as a service when double-clicking the tray icon). This window shows all incoming connections, the results of the blacklist querying and some other statistical information.




Logging window

The logging window shows all kinds of information about incoming SMTP connections. Every line in the log window (and also in the log file) is preceded by a time mark value of the following event in the format dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss. After the time mark the threadid is shown in the format [1234]. The threadid is the referrer of the task executed and can be used to find out what events belong to the same connection.
The messages that can be seen after the threadid can be numerous like Connect and Disconnect of server and client, results of blacklist queries and relaying information.
The logging window will keep a history of 1000 lines. If you need to look back further the log files have to be checked.

Server and Client panels

The Server and Client panels contain information about the number of connects and disconnects occurred. The Server panel contains the information about incoming connections and the Client panel of outgoing connections. Some mail servers send multiple messages in a single connection. So sometimes the number of client connections can be higher as the number of server connections.

Reset and Clear buttons

The Reset button clears the counters of the Server Panel. The Clear button clears the log window.