Basic installation

Pinjo is built to have and intuitive user interface. Easy to use menu's should do the job for you and most settings can be done within this user interface.

When running the setup program of Pinjo, and clicking the 'Setup' button on the screen, only few questions will be asked you. The default directory where Pinjo will be installed is “c:\Program Files\Pinjo Software\Pinjo revealer”. Furthermore a Program group called Pinjo revealer will be created. Both mentioned settings can be modified by the user during installation.

When starting Pinjo the first time the settings that should be adjusted first are on the Mail Window screen.


On installation Pinjo will be setup as a normal program that can be started manually. If you want Pinjo to run as a service then use the command line option '-install' once. eg. '"<Program Files>\Pinjo Software\Pinjo revealer\Pinjo.exe" -install'. A popup box should come up saying 'Service installed successfully'