Welcome to Pinjo revealer 2.1

If you’ve read anything at all about Spam, you’ll probably know at least two things: Spam is really, I mean really, annoying and Spamfilters are absolutely, outrageously, often unaffordably expensive.

Pinjo revealer for mailservers is here to change that… It detects a respectable amount of spam, (giving you the option what to do with it) and its available for a reasonable price

Pinjo 2.1 features:

  • Configurable blacklists
  • Anti relaying possibilities
  • Mail forwarding and distributing among multiple domains
  • Real-time blacklist checks
  • Configurable heurastic analysis (Based on SpamAssassin™)
  • Bayesian filtering
  • Configurable virus checking
  • Compatible with all SMTP servers
  • Running on Windows OS
  • Easy installation and configuration

Extensive Configuration:

  • Automatic learning for better Bayesian filtering
  • Log file rotation
  • Enhanced debugging capabilities
  • Installable as a service
  • Relay checking on sender and ip-address
  • Forwarding of spam to alternate mailboxes
  • Adjustable for almost every antivirus software
  • And many more configurable options